You desperately want to make it in the music industry. You have done everything you know how to do to get noticed and are at a loss at what to do next.

You are beginning to wonder if it is even possible to make this your career.


Take the Next Step to Develop Your Career

The problem is that no one has taught you the business side of the industry or given you a clear roadmap on the steps required to get your work noticed.


Most people think that professional careers are simple luck, without understanding that most artists have taken deliberate action around a very specific strategy.

There is a balance between the “art” and the industry. As a professional, you need to make time to create, but equally as important, you have to develop as a professional to be taken seriously.


That’s why we created the

Zero to 60: Artist’s Expansion

We will teach you the step-by-step process of developing a brand that will attract raving fans, book shows that advance your career, and create a clear strategy around your marketing and collaborations that will bring the opportunities you have dreamed of.

We have helped hundreds of artists like you go from zero strategy to having a full business plan and seeing the results that they have only dreamed of.



"The knowledge gained in Zero To 60 By AGD is incredibly valuable and the habits learned through the process are unmatched. Artists are creating for themselves industry standard release campaigns which leads to the greatest success."

- Alex Halloran, Founder of Help The Bear Records

Sneak Peek of What's Inside...

The Music Business & Artist Development

Here we will provide you a basic understanding of the music business and how to approach your artist development process with this understanding of the industry you are joining. 

  • Our Philosophy
  • The importance of Research
  • Making the Record
  • Marking the Content
  • Intellectual Property
  • What is a copyright
  • Royalties
The Five Pillars

We believe there are five pillars that make up the foundation of an artist career. There is no task that needs to be completed that can’t fall into one of these buckets. Though the tasks change, the way we approach the foundational aspects do not. Which makes these pillars a stable way of viewing artist development.

  • Operations
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Publicity
  • Performance
The Six Phases of a Release Campaign

In this section, we will go through the PROCESS of releasing an album, explaining the different steps that you need to take, why they have to be taken in a specific order, and how to be strategic with every step along the way, so you can see results like no one else.

  • Discovery
  • Setup
  • Activation
  • Release
  • Cycle
  • Vacation

Introducing the

Zero To 60: Artist Expansion

We love working one-on-one with artists, however, not everyone is able to afford personal consulting. We want to see YOU win no matter what your financial situation so we packed as much information as we could and are CONFIDENT that if you take the steps here we outline, your career will never be the same. 

All for a price that is affordable.



One-Time Payment

  • Music Business Basics
  • Making The Record & The Content
  • Building The Team & The Business
  • Brand Identity Training
  • Approaching Brand Partnerships
  • Audience Development
  • Finding Your Voice
  • Understanding Algorithms
  • Crafting a Publicity Story & a Pitch
  • Live Performance Strategy
  • And much more...
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We have outlined everything you need to know to develop your career, priced it at a super affordable rate, and truly want to see you succeed in doing what you love.

This process has helped countless artists in the industry, but you must take the action.

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That's not all! We are also including...

BONUS: The Critical Differences between Developing Artists & Emerging Artists: How To Create Emerging Moments Workshop

  • The difference between “emerging artists” and “developing artists”.
  • Going Viral: Understanding “viral moments”
  • Relationships: How to leverage who you know to curate emerging moments
  • Prolific Output: How to be undeniable
  • The Importance of Artist Development: Developing a PLAN and not relying on luck