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Not Only Noise is a very literal name - making music and working in this industry is not just about the noise but it’s about the people, the stories, and the connections that come from that noise. That is what I aim to foster with this roster and what I am to promote within this industry. 

- Nicole Arruda, co-founder

The Team

Nicole Arruda

Nicole is the founder of Not Only Noise and day-to-day manager for NoN's management roster. 


Favorite genre: lyrics attract me more than genre style. If you have smart lyrics and something interesting to talk about, I'll be hooked. 

Favorite type of campaign: I LOVE a debut. I love being able to start at the beginning and help an artist from the ground up

My "why": The best feeling in the world to me is being able to help connect and artist with their fans. Through social media, live shows, press, and everything in between I love when I get to have a hand in making that connection happen. 

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Jenna Rose

Jenna is the lead artist coach with Not Only Noise Ent. and founder of Music City Movement.


Favorite genre: I’m more of a decades girl - I love 50’s & 60s motown, classic rock of the 70’s, 80’s pop, 90s alternative, and in the more modern era, I love any music that blends influences of all those decades

Favorite type of campaign: I love working with artists who know exactly what they want and are ready to put in the work to make it happen. So starting a campaign with an artist who has been at it for a while and is ready to take the steps to level up is my favorite way to work.

My "why": I love helping make dreams come true. It's been a theme in my life since I can remember, and there is nothing more gratifying than watching someone you believe in reach their goals. I’m also a music superfan at heart and know the fan experience like i know my soul. I love making sure music reaches the ears that need to hear it, and I love making sure artists connect with their fans in meaningful ways that build lifelong loyalty.

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The Artists


From modest, humble beginnings, ARREIS knew somewhere deep down that her circumstances were stifling. Upon moving to Nashville, she was ready to finally evolve into the persona she had always dreamed of.

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Raye Williams

Mixing the nostalgia of early 90’s powerhouse vocals and compelling story-telling, Raye Williams is reigniting the beloved era of “Diva Pop” for a deeper-listening audience.

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Brooke Martin

ACMA’s 2023 Young Artist of the Year nominee and the only two time 2022 Glover award winner for songwriting, Brooke Martin is ready to take the pop world by storm.

Look out for her debut later this year

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